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Sometimes life brings you full circle to a place you have been before just to show you how much you have grown



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My name is Fiona Heppell , I have been qualified as a Complementary Practitioner for over 20 years. I work from home in a comfortable and cosy therapy room.

I worked for many years as an Aromatherapist privately.  I was also the  Aromatherapist at Holton Lee in Dorset  for five years where I worked with people with all sorts of physical and mental disabilities and their carers. 

As well as my home practice,  I spent one day a week at Poole hospital working with their staff  and also carried out voluntary work on the wards with patient's recovering during their stay.

I have a vast knowledge in Aromatherapy and although no longer carry out full body treatments, I still feel passionate about the uses of oils in our Health and Wellbeing .

In 2018 ,I made the decision to concentrate on Reiki and work full time as a therapist again . Previously I had been  been employed by  a local disabilities charity advising clients with physical and mental health problems to obtain the benefits and advice they require. During the five years I had been employed by the charity I had spent many hours supporting clients living  with mental  illness, auto immune disorders , Dementia and many other physical conditions to ensure they get the benefits they are entitled to.  My client's have become some of my greatest teacher's and I feel grateful for all the knowledge and experience they have given me.

I now specialise in Reiki , I am a CNHC Registered  Practitioner and Teacher .I am passionate about this ancient healing system in our society today.  Very few of us these days take time out from our busy live's and Reiki can help you relax, clear your mind, relieve pain, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and restore balance to the mind and body.

I feel strongly that if we do not take some responsibility for our own wellbeing, our health will deteriorate and make us more likely to develop long-term heath conditions.

I hold a 2 year Person Centred Counselling Certificate and enjoy helping people to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing .

I enjoy walking, swimming, reading  and spending time with family and friends.


Reiki Levels  1 & 2  & Master Teacher 3a &3b    CNHC  registered course .

ITEC Anatomy & Physiology 

ITEC Aromatherapist

Wesbac 2 Year certificate in Person Centred Counselling 

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in understanding Nutrition and Health .

NLP Practitioner approved by ANLP.

Level 1 Bach Flower Remedies.


I am now offering courses in all levels of Reiki . My classes are usually held over two full days. I keep my classes small as I believe this will give  you plenty time for lots  practice and will make you experience more personal .Support will be provided during and after your course has been completed . Manuals are provided and lunch is included in the price . Courses start from £150.00 .Please contact me for further details and availability . 




"It's the awareness....of how you are stuck, that makes you recover"

                            Fritz Perls


Reiki is a safe, hands on healing technique which is used holistically to balance all aspects of a person's Mind, Body

 and Spirit, it can encourage spiritual growth and  is also used to treat physical ailments. No  pressure  is used and it is usually carried out on a therapy couch or sitting in a chair fully clothed. Reiki is non -intrusive and safe, it can be used alongside orthodox medicine and clients must always consult their GP if they have a diagnosed condition.  Reiki should never be used as an alternative to treatment received from a health Practitioner.  Reiki encourages the body's natural ability to heal itself and is channelled through the practitioners hands to restore balance.  Reiki can help the body to rebalance which enables one to cope and manage the everyday stresses and strains of life more effectively .


Reiki is an ancient form of healing originating from a Buddhist tradition in the East.  In the early 20th Century Mikao Usui (1865-1926), a Japanese Buddhist, developed the ancient healing system so that it could be used on  yourself, other people, plants and animals. The word 'Reiki' means 'Universal Energy'. Split into two words Rei means universal and Ki means' Life Force Energy.  Reiki helps bring balance into the Mind , Body and Spirit and is safe for everyone regardless of a diagnosed health condition . Reiki also helps resolve unhealed emotional issues and can assist in facilitating much needed changes in lifestyle and attitude to living a better healthier life style.  Reiki can re -balance, cleanse and renew our internal energy system assisting us in improving our quality of life which will naturally benefit the people around us .

I am fully insured and I am a Member of the UK Reiki Federation .


First session and consultation £35.00 allow 90mins 

Follow up appointments £30.00  60mins

Home visits by arrangement.

Distant Healing by arrangement.  No Charge.   Please email with details I also hold Reiki Sharing Sessions once a month in my home.

Please contact for further detail's on dates and times of next Reiki Courses .

Please note I am CNHC

Registered in Reiki

I also practice Aromatherapy.


"Pay attention to the cracks, because thats where the light get's in"

                    Leonard Cohen


25 Carters Avenue




BH15 4JT 

Tel: 07739464726

Email fihepp@yahoo.co.uk

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