20 December 2017  Lizzie - Hamworthy

I visited Fiona on a friends recommendation as I had been very low for quite a while.  To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect but I genuinely left feeling a weight had been lifted and with a spring in my step.  Over the next few days the feeling stayed with me and I can't wait for my next appointment.  Can't recommend Fiona and her Reiki skills enough.

23 April 2018 Su - Poole

 Reiki had always interested me and it was something that I wanted to try.  Life is busy and I don't get many opportunities to stop and rest and my head is always so full of noise (ie thinking of all of the jobs and things I need to do or have done).  I decided to give it a try and was lucky to get connected to Fiona though a mutual friend.  Fiona put me at ease immediately and I had four sessions of Reiki.  I was sceptical at first but I have to say it is the most amazing therapy that I have received.  I felt so calm throughout the treatment and completely rested after with a calm head and body.  I would thoroughly recommend Fiona and I will be going back for more.

Thanks again Fiona - I don't feel that calm and rested very often so you performed a small miracle !!

29 April 2018 -  Poole 

Ive had some reiki sessions with Fiona over the past 6 months and she is amazing. I feel so deeply relaxed throughout the  treatment and feel absolutely chilled and calm  and peaceful afterwards and for the days/weeks ahead. You can feel the reiki energy going to where its needed and it just feels so calming and  gentle. Her treatment room always smells so lovely and has a lovely positive energy  about it.


Caroline x

29 April 2018 - Sasha - Blandford 

I visited Fiona, completely in the dark as to what Reiki really even meant. In that sense I guess, I offered myself up objectively to a process I had no expectations of or any real pre-conceived ideas about!

As a person not naturally chipped with a switch off or relax button, I found the session take me by surprise .I was unprepared for the release of emotions which occurred from the moment Fiona placed her hands on my head. I do not know if Fiona was aware that tears were falling down my cheeks ! I think this was in response to the fact that someone was giving to me and caring for me where often as Mum’s or professionals, we are the givers. It felt a beautiful indulgence!!

It was utterly healing to give to such a relaxing process, knowing that relaxing was utterly sanctioned within that moment. This is so rare within all our mad lives.

I came to Fiona with a sprained ankle which was preventing me from resuming my running. I did not mention this to Fiona. However at the end of the session, she was specific in identifying an ankle issue. It was not long after our session that I was able to resume exercise.

During my second session with Fiona, again she identified an issue with my hip. This I believe to be a referred pain from my feet.

I had not realised that Reiki is powerful in treating pain.

A session with Fiona is not purely Reiki, but can provide a wrap-around multi facetted wealth of strategies for coping with the fallouts of life. We have explored other therapies which may be of use in the future such as NLP and Timelines. Fiona has tremendous insight into how to make sense of the madness in our lives. She has recourse to appropriate and professionally accredited therapies, which bring together pieces of life’s jigsaw with true wisdom gained by years of self exploration and experience. I cannot recommend Fiona enough.